Co-funded by the European Union

HCI has been awarded a € 2.5 million grant from the SME instrument of the European innovation program Horizon 2020 to catalyze the market introduction of the 4FOLD containers.

Horizon 2020 actively supports SMEs by providing both direct financial support, and indirect support to increase their innovation capacity. The objective of ‘Innovation in SMEs’ is to optimize the Research, Development & Innovation environment for SMEs, including through the establishment and facilitation of a range of support services, with the aim of strengthening the innovation capacity of SMEs and creating value on the market and/or into society, thus underpinning the Europe2020 strategy for smart, inclusive and sustainable growth.

The proposed project aims to increase the number of 4FOLD containers used in the EU, by providing partner companies a low risk opportunity to start using 4FOLD. The rapid increase in the number of 4FOLD containers will assist in bringing the production cost down, resulting in sustainable price point at the end of the project. Container users will then be able to purchase 4FOLD containers without the need for subsidy.

We are very pleased that the European Union helps companies, such as HCI, to realize its ambitions and innovations.

Information on this project on the EU website can found at this link.