16 February 2018

Growth in empty containers for the port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam 4FOLD Foldable ContainerThe Rotterdam Port Authority showed their facts and figures of 2017. The main conclusion, growth in container throughput! In general, the container throughput rose spectacularly by 10.9% to 13.7 million TEU (twenty feet equivalent unit). However, the number of empty containers rose by 6.1% to more than 2.5 million TEU. 

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05 February 2018

Australian shippers are asked to redeliver empty containers to the terminals

4FOLD Bundle AustraliaShipping lines in Melbourne have begun demanding that importers return empty containers direct to stevedore terminals rather than empty container parks. The policies of many major shipping lines dictating direct empty container de-hire to stevedore terminals in Australia rather than to designated empty container parks (ECP), and some stevedore empty container truck receival and processing practices, are causing additional logistics costs for shippers.

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05 January 2018

Chinese restrictions on imported waste increase the West – East imbalance

Containers ScrapNew Chinese restrictions on imported waste, introduced since 1 January 2018, are set to have significant implications for the international freight transport, logistics and supply chain sectors. Waste and scrap are the biggest export products transported from the EU and USA to China. The restrictions will increase the imbalance between the West and the East. 4FOLD Foldable Containers provide the solution for this increasing imbalance, as it allows four empty containers to be repositioned at the burden of one. 

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04 December 2017

Schuttevaer: Vouwcontainers zwermen uit

Press20171201_Weekblad_SchuttevaerThe Dutch weekly journal Schuttevaer published an article about the current success of 4FOLD Foldable Containers. Schuttevaer is a journal focused on maritime news. Please find the article in Dutch here.

06 November 2017

HCI presents: 4FOLD as a Service

4FOLD as a Service folding station

Holland Container Innovations has developed an additional business model: 4FOLD as a Service. A dedicated service aimed at shippers and door-to-door carriers. Based on our experience shippers are interested in the advantages of 4FOLD Foldable Containers as well. However, many shippers do not own containers and would don’t want to get involved in container investments. That is the reason why HCI together and forwarding partner now have decided to offer 4FOLD as a Service. 

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27 October 2017

Nanalyze: HCI will make container shipping easier

20171027 NanalyzeNanalyze mentioned Holland Container Innovations as one of the 10 companies that will make ocean container shipping easier. HCI developed the 4FOLD Foldable Container as a smart solution for the empty repositioning. Thanks to 4FOLD, four containers can be folded and bundled. Occupying the same volume as a standard container. This reduces storage space, transportation costs and reduces emissions related to the repositioning of empty containers. Nanalyze provides objective information about companies involved in disruptive technologies. Please find the full article here