2017 Q3

28 September 2017

Holland Container Innovations speaks at Trans Expo Odessa

HCI presentation Trans Expo OdessaHolland Container Innovations presented at the Trans Expo Odessa in order to explain the benefits of 4FOLD Foldable Containers in the Black Sea region. In this region more than 25% of the containers transported are empty. By operating foldable containers savings can be generated based on transport, storage, and handling costs. By transporting bundles of folded containers emissions can be reduced as well. 

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20 July 2017

Uniport receives official 4FOLD folding certificate

4FOLD Foldable Container UniportLast week, Holland Container Innovations provided a folding training and demonstration for Uniport. The 4FOLD Foldable Containers just arrived from China. Uniport is a highly efficient and flexible terminal operator, handling both short sea and deep sea vessels. Their container terminal has excellent multimodal connections to the hinterland via roads and waterways.  

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