2016 Q4

22 December 2016

Wetron completed first round trip with 4FOLD Foldable Containers

4FOLD_Bundle_WetronWetron, a Dutch intermodal transportation company, operates 4FOLD between Venlo (the Netherlands) and Milan (Italy). Last month 4FOLD containers were folded and bundled in Rotterdam and transported by truck to Venlo. Only one truck was needed to transport those four containers and one handling was needed at the Cabooter Terminal in Venlo to tranship the bundle from the truck to the train to Milan. Occupying one wagon instead of four.

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21 December 2016

HCI wishes you a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year

Holland Container Innovations Christmas cardHolland Container Innovations looks back at a very fruitful year with many new clients and prospects, a granted EU subsidy, a Chinese Customs Approval and an even stronger team than before. HCI now has an improved production line in China that allows production of 4FOLD Foldable Containers on a large scale at lower costs with shorter lead-times.

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19 December 2016

Transworld Group starts operating 4FOLD

4FOLD foldable containers Transworld GroupTransworld Group started operating 4FOLD in their domestic India trade. Operated by Shreyas Relay Systems (SRS), the Indian-flagged vessel owning unit of Transworld Group, a pioneer and market leader in domestic coastal container shipping covering all main ports and container terminals on the Indian coast.

The activities of the Transworld Group: Ship Owning (Container & Bulk Carriers), Feedering, NVOCC, Logistics, Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management, Ship Management and Shipping Agencies.

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14 December 2016

Folding training in Incheon

BAL Folding TrainingAnother certified 4FOLD facility, last week we provided  folding training at Dongbu Express Depot. This depot is used by BAL Container Line in Incheon (Korea). The training was very successful; the employees at the depot quickly grasped the concept and were able to perform all tasks by themselves after one demonstration. The 4FOLD containers were folded and bundled. The bundle is now on its way to Shanghai (China).

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07 December 2016

China customs approval

Bundle_TrainThe China Customs House in Beijing has ruled that 4FOLD shall be treated as a normal container for customs purposes. This applies for both the folded and unfolded condition.

Previously some of HCI’s potential Chinese clients indicated that the Chinese customs might not treat a bundle of 4FOLD containers as a container. This would mean that in case of a bundle of 4 folded containers; customs would consider this as one container loaded with ‘three cargo’. This would impose significant customs duties on the container owner. In particular this was expected to happen in the West of China on the railway, where a lot containerized transport takes place to Central Asia.

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21 November 2016

Thank you for visting our stand at the Intermodal in Rotterdam

IM2016 - RTMLast week HCI participated in the Intermodal Europe in Rotterdam, the biggest container exhibition in Europe.

HCI looks back at a very positive week, with lots of good meetings with existing and potential new clients for 4FOLD. A presentation on how carriers and retailers can increase their profit margins with the use of 4FOLD was particularly well visited and received.

Please contact us if you would like to have more information about 4FOLD.

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27 October 2016

Visit us at stand E60 at the Intermodal in Rotterdam

4FOLD Foldable Containers Intermodal HamburgJust like last year Holland Container Innovations has a stand at the biggest container exhibition in Europe to showcase the 4FOLD Foldable Container.

We would like to invite you to visit our stand E60 on 15, 16 and 17 November in Ahoy Rotterdam. We are happy to provide you with an update on our operational progress, our production line and the EU subsidy of 2.5 million Euros recently awarded to HCI to stimulate the use of 4FOLD. Register for free at this linkWe are looking forward to meet you at the Intermodal!

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17 October 2016

Another successful folding demonstration in Hamburg

4FOLD Foldable Container folding HamburgHCI gave two demonstrations last Thursday in Hamburg. After the successful demonstrations at the end of September, was decided to give additional demonstrations of 4FOLD. Again we received positive reactions. We would like to thank the HCCR depot for facilitating this event to give potential clients demonstrations at their depot. We look back at a successful roadshow in Hamburg. 

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11 October 2016

Folding training and demonstrations in Istanbul

4FOLD foldable container folding IstanbulThis week we provided folding training to the Handep Depot and Marti Konteyner Depot in Istanbul. The folding training went well and the workers at the depots provided representatives of Turkon, Arkas, and CBI with successful folding demonstrations. 

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