2016 Q2

21 June 2016

4FOLD successfully completed bundle tests

Bundle 4FOLDToday 4FOLD successfully completed another set of bundle tests. The tests, performed under supervision of classification societies, guarantee the safety of the new integrated interlocking system designed by Holland Container Innovations. 

06 June 2016

Press release: 4FOLD foldable container is awarded with a € 2.5 million grant from the SME instrument of the European innovation program Horizon 2020.

euflagCurrently, the transportation industry spends about €25 billion a year on the transport of empty cargo containers. Besides the economic inefficacy, it also adds to unfavourable CO2 emission. Holland Container Innovations (HCI), a company located in Delft, is developing foldable containers (4FOLD) for global transport by land and sea. The 4FOLD container can be, after being unloaded, reduced to a quarter of its normal size. HCI is awarded with a € 2.5 million grant from the SME instrument of the European innovation program Horizon 2020 to catalyse the market introduction of the containers.

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31 May 2016

HCI presenting 4FOLD at the Multimodal in Istanbul


The Multimodal Istanbul brought us several interesting leads. Thank you very much for the possibility to introduce 4FOLD to the leaders of the Multimodal industry. A special thanks to Viva consult for organizing this interesting event.

25 May 2016

Seatrade completes first successful round-trip with 4FOLD


Seatrade just completed its first, and very successful, round-trip with 4FOLD. The boxes returned in a bundle to Radicatel where they were unfolded for inspection, as can be seen on the picture. 4FOLD was, in both Philipsburg and Radicatel, well-received and the (un)folding process is considered to be easy and quick. We are pleased to announce that Seatrade directly goes for another trip with 4FOLD in their BlueStream service.

03 May 2016

4FOLD, the next big innovation after the introduction of the container


Dutch news television RTLZ calls 4FOLD the next big invention after the introduction of the container in the 50’s. 4FOLD significantly reduces the costs originating from empty transport, a yearly estimated cost of 20 billion USD per year.

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20 April 2016

4FOLD calling Philipsburg, St. Martin with Seatrade


Last week a bundle of 4FOLD was loaded back on-board MV Victoria in Philipsburg, St. Martin. The loading initiated the second stage of the pilot where the savings 4FOLD generates come to light. Seatrade was able to load four units in one move, reducing the terminal handling cost and port-stay. Prior to the loading, a team of Holland Container Innovations provided the local depot workers with a folding training. A few hours of training is sufficient to understand the proces of folding and unfolding. The boxes will be discharged in Radicatel after which they will be stuffed for another trip to the Caribbean.