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Holland Container Innovations (HCI) was founded in 2008 as a spinoff from the Delft University of Technology to develop and market the idea for a foldable shipping container. Our proposition is aimed at reducing costs for empty repositioning, which mounts to twenty-five billion US dollars annually according to recent research.

Funded by private investors with a long term vision the first prototype, which served as a proof of concept, was built in 2009 together with co-funder and co-creator CMA-CGM. In 2011 HCI built a new prototype that received the important CSC certification.

In 2013 HCI has built, together with a Chinese manufacturer, a redesigned and improved container. HCI obtained the ISO certification for this container on the 27th of March 2013. 4FOLD is the first 40ft foldable container in the world to receive the ISO certification. The ISO certificate guarantees that the foldable container meets all industry requirements and can be used in the existing logistic system.

In the following years renowned shipping lines APL and Hanjin helped to co-create and refine the 4FOLD by starting pilot projects. Heavy tides in shipping setting back mass production and market introduction.

In 2016 the European Union decided to include HCI in the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program (agreement 711257), because of the environmental aspect of the 4FOLD: Foldable containers reduce transport.

With this endorsement from the European Union and the financial injection, HCI now has a production line in China that allows production of 4FOLDs on a large scale for lower costs and an acceptable lead time. 

Today 4FOLD is the only CSC and ISO certified foldable container on the market.

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The 4FOLD foldable container will provide the shipping industry with the much-needed tool to reduce the costs associated with empty container movements.


HCI focuses on delivering new products to the container shipping industry using our core competencies of Research & Development (R&D) and excellent engineering. When the 4FOLD Foldable Container has successfully been launched, more products for the container market will follow.

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