Sales Agents

Holland Container Innovations has sales agents all over the world. If you would like to get in contact with a sales agent in your region please find your contact person below. 

Flat Pack Containers Australia (FPCA) – Australia

Flat Pack Containers Australia (FPCA) is an integrated logistics organisation with well developed networks within shipping lines and landside logistic operations. Flat Pack Containers Australia (FPCA) operates as a 4PL located in Melbourne, Australia. FPCA provides foldable containers as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the intermodal industry. Furthermore, FPCA is in direct contact with shippers and shipping lines.  If you want to get in contact with a local 4FOLD sales agent in Australia regarding 4FOLD Foldable Containers or 4FOLD as a Service please contact:

Brendan Russell



Asia Container Leasing (ACL) – China

Mr. Alex Chung, Owner & Managing Director

ACL is a container trading and leasing company. ACL leases containers to various shipping lines. Furthermore, ACL modifies containers for housing and other purposes for the Australian mining industry. ACL was founded by Alex Chung. Mr. Chung has built an extensive network in the shipping industry all over Asia, with a focus on Hong Kong and China. He has proven to be very strong in introducing 4FOLD to his contacts and in finding new business models to maximize the benefits of the 4FOLD concept. Mr. Chung is supported by a strong and experienced team in the company.

Mr. Alex Chung
Managing Director
T:  +86 138 1634 2396


BoxJoin – Korea

BoxJoin Corporation is the leading partner in the Korean container industry, always aiming to bring new ideas, pioneer role, professional technology and containerization that can develop and grow the container industry. Mr. B.J. Chun, Managing Director of BoxJoin, is over 33 years of experience in the Container Operation and Technical field. BoxJoin’s greatest focus and goal is to bring efficiency in the container operation & technical management and cost savings through new technology and promoting containerization that brings greater development of the container industry. If you want to get in contact with a local 4FOLD sales agent in Korea please contact:

Mr. B.J. Chun
Managing Director
T:  +82 2 6274 1377
M: +82 10 6364 1377

BoxJoin 4FOLD Sales Agent


CBI Transportation – Turkey

CBI Transportation is a large Turkish forwarder that provides solutions in international transport and logistics industry. CBI provides combined services using various modes of transportation. If you want to get in contact with a local 4FOLD sales agent in Turkey please contact:

Mr. M. Borga Es
General Manager
T:  +90 216 418 9107
M: +90 532 332 6431

CBI Transportation 4FOLD Sales Agent


Michael Callus – South Europe

Michael Callus, has been vice president of Container Management at United Arab Shipping Company, Dubai. After UASC merged with Hapag-Lloyd. Mr. Callus made the step to go to Malta at Medsea Shipping agency. The past years he was senior business development manager at the South European Container Hub & Terminal Darsena Toscana. Mr. Callus has been elected twice as the Chairman of the Container Owners Association (COA). In 2005 when the COA was established and in 2012 till 2015. His experience makes him a great representative for 4FOLD with an enormous relevant network.

Mr. Michael Callus
T:  +356 2558 0000
M: +356 7984 4845 


MissionLine Logistics – Argentina

MissionLine Logistics is an Argentinian based Container Operator and 3PL. The company is focused on specialized container equipment for multimodal transport, storage and special projects. Within their Container Leasing division, Isotank leasing for liquids and gases is their traditional business. With offices in Argentina and Brazil, MissionLine covers the South America market. If you want to get in contact with a local 4FOLD sales agent in South America please contact:

Mr. Milton Cogut
Commercial Manager
T:  +54 11 5274 3300
M: +54 911 3461 8971

Mission Line Logistics 4FOLD Sales Agent


Ouyang Pu

Ouyang Pu, is a former executive from Sinotrans, the largest logistics company in China. Mr. Pu has agreed to take up a sales role in China to sell 4FOLD in his network, including Sinotrans. Ouyang Pu also plays an important role in obtaining certificates in China. 

Mr. Ouyang Pu
T:  137 0120 3861


Stroomi B.V. – Russia

Stroomi B.V. plays a role of moderator for Dutch companies to achieve their goal of developing their business in Russia, Belarus and Georgia ensuring that the Dutch company gets different types of updated information and has means of effective communication with commercial partners and the Government bodies in Russia, Belarus and Georgia. If you want to get in contact with a local 4FOLD sales agent in Russia please contact:

Ms. Irina Birman
M: +31 6 8102 5982

Stroomi bv


VS&B Containers Group – India

VS&B is the largest container leasing company based in Indian Subcontinent and the Middle East. As a significant player in International Leasing, Domestic Leasing, Container Trading and Repositioning; VS&B serve their customers through their 11 offices in India, Sri Lanka, Middle East and South East Asia. If you want to get in contact with a local 4FOLD sales agent in India and South East Asia please contact:

Mr. Vinay Paulose
Marketing Manager
T:  +65 6809 2180
M: +65 8646 2413

VS&B 4FOLD Sales Agent

 At this moment Holland Container Innovations is busy to expand their sales agent network. If you are interested in becoming a sales agent for 4FOLD Foldable Containers please contact us for more information.