07 April 2017

4FOLD Foldable Containers on the Russian rail

4FOLD Foldable Containers MCS Russian railLast week Multimodal Container Services (MCS) started to operate 4FOLD foldable containers on the Russian rail. This is the first time that a company transports 4FOLD foldable containers on the Russian rail. MCS is a Russian logistic operator specialized in export, import and transit from China, Korea, and Japan to Russia. 

MCS loads their 4FOLD foldable containers in Shanghai and transports them to Moscow via Vladivostok. Return cargo is available up to Vladivostok however, between Vladivostok and Shanghai no cargo is available. MCS folds and bundles the 4FOLD foldable containers in Vladivostok and ships them to Shanghai. In this way, MCS saves on THC in Vladivostok and Shanghai. Because MCS does not own vessels themselves, the use of 4FOLD foldable containers saves also on slot costs. A depot in Shanghai unfolds the containers, which are now available for the next roundtrip. 

Holland Container Innovations is very satisfied with this new operator of 4FOLD foldable containers, especially combined with the use of the Russian rail. Holland Container Innovations notices a strong demand from the market to operate our containers by rail as well.

Co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 711257.