05 February 2018

Australian shippers are asked to redeliver empty containers to the terminals

4FOLD Bundle AustraliaShipping lines in Melbourne have begun demanding that importers return empty containers direct to stevedore terminals rather than empty container parks. The policies of many major shipping lines dictating direct empty container de-hire to stevedore terminals in Australia rather than to designated empty container parks (ECP), and some stevedore empty container truck receival and processing practices, are causing additional logistics costs for shippers.

This creates additional costs for shippers in Australia, these costs are caused because of:

  • Additional truck kilometres travelled.
  • A lack of available container slots for the return of the empties to the designated stevedore terminal (day shift & night shift).
  • The need to stage empty containers through transport yards due to the lack of available terminal slots, including the costs of additional container lifts and yard storage.
  • Longer Truck Turnaround Times (TTT) at the stevedore terminal in comparison to ECP.

4FOLD Foldable Containers are the solution to reduce these cost of empty repositioning. As four empty containers can be transported, handled and stored as one. 4FOLD as a Service is a dedicated service for shippers which is provided in Australia by Flatpack Container Australia (FPCA). In collaboration with the shipping line and forwarder, transportation costs can be reduced for shippers as the savings will be shared. Are you a shipper in Australia and want to know more about this solution? please get in contact with FPCA!

More information about the redelivery of empty containers in Australia can be found here.