4FOLD Foldable Container

Holland Container Innovations presents the 4FOLD foldable container. The solution to reduce costs and harmful emissions caused by the repositioning of empty containers. 4FOLD is a 40ft High Cube shipping container that can be folded when empty. After folding, the 4FOLD foldable container is only one quarter of the height. As a result, four folded containers stack into one interconnected bundle. This bundle handles like one container, thereby creating savings on empty transport, handling and storage. 

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Depots and ports fold 4FOLD with readily available standard equipment. Folding is safe and simple, since it is based on the concept that when you can lift a container, you can also fold 4FOLD. Furthermore, folding only needs two people and standard lifting equipment to lift the roof. Examples of such equipment are reachstackers, sideloaders and overhead cranes. See the videos below for demonstrations of the folding procedure with a sideloader and a reachstacker: 

In use by multiple shipping lines

Multiple shipping lines use the 4FOLD foldable container at this time. Examples of routes on which 4FOLD is operated are found on the cases page. Please contact us to find out how 4FOLD will save in your operations and to learn more about our interesting lease and purchase options.

HCI provides folding training for the use of 4FOLD on new routes. In both the start and end points HCI trains the staff at the depots on how to handle 4FOLD. Additionally, folding facilities can also be officially certified when they have received training by HCI staff. Please find here the list with all 4FOLD certified folding facilities

4FOLD is CSC & ISO Certified

The 4FOLD foldable container is fully ISO and CSC certified and therefore meets all industry requirements. Certifications have been performed by Korean Register (KR), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), DEKRA, Lloyd’s Register (LR) and the China Classification Society (CCS).

4FOLD can easily be used in the existing logistics system. All parts of the container remain connected, so no parts can go missing. Standard parts that are available around the world at low cost are all that is needed to repair 4FOLD containers. 

Patented Design

Multiple patents protect the design of 4FOLD around the world. These patents relate to the folding procedure and key design aspects of 4FOLD. Furthermore, trademarks protect the names and logos ‘4FOLD’ and ‘Holland Container Innovations’.

Product Flyer

Flyer 4FOLD foldable container

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Nominal Capacity 72.9 cu m 2575 cu ft
Gross 32500 kg 71650 lb
Tare 5900 kg 13010 lb
Payload 26600 kg 58640 lb
Bundle 23600 kg 52030 lb
Max Stacking Weight       216000 kg 476200 lb

External Length 12192 mm 40′ 
External Width 2438 mm 8′ 
External Height  2896 mm 9’6”
Internal Length 12012 mm 39’4 3/4”
Internal Width 2324 mm 7’7 1/2”
Internal Height 2615 mm 8’9”
Door Opening (Width) 2172 mm 7’1 1/2”
Door Opening (Height) 2508 mm 8’2 3/4”
Bundle (4 into 1) Height 2896 mm 9’6”