11 April 2017

Trucking company Tirtas starts using 4FOLD Foldable Containers

4FOLD foldable container Tirtas4FOLD is entering into a new stage with Tirtas as 4FOLD foldable containers will only be operated by truck. Thanks to Mr. Borga, CEO of our agent CBI Transportation in Turkey, Tirtas a huge Turkish trucking company starts operating 4FOLD foldable containers. Tirtas provides fast, economic and innovative services to their customers and adopts improvement in the transportation sector. Tirtas plans their quality management system with quality, innovative, reliable and environmentally respectful service understanding in world standards as requested by their customers.

Tirtas provides services throughout Europe for their customers. Currently, Tirtas distributes goods produced in Turkey all over Europe with their current container fleet of 700 units. Tirtas has an imbalance between Europe and Turkey, the imbalance between Slovenia and Turkey is a good example. 4FOLD foldable containers will be folded in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The containers will be repositioned by truck and Ro-Ro ship to Istanbul, where containers will be unfolded.

With 4FOLD foldable containers, Holland Container Innovations expects that the high number of roundtrips and the freeing up of three trucks that now don’t have to drive back with an empty container will show very strong savings. Even when considering the slightly reduced capacity of our unit compared to a 45ft container. 

The first unit has already been shipped/trucked from Istanbul to Slovenia at this time. Holland Container Innovations aims to help Tirtas reduce their costs by ultimately replacing their complete container fleet into 4FOLD’s. Holland Container Innovations is very satisfied with this new operator of 4FOLD foldable containers and the efforts of Mr. Borga, CEO of CBI Transportation and Sales Agent in Turkey. 

Co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 711257.