How does a 4FOLD foldable container generate savings?


Imbalances in trade cause the need to reposition empty containers. When containers have been unstuffed there is often a lack of cargo for the return journey. Therefore transport companies must ship empty containers back to the port or to an empty container depot. Repositioning is required on the hinterland leg as well as on the sea leg of the transport.

Ocean carriers end up spending about €25 billion a year on repositioning empty containers to the point of their next cargo. On average 20% of the containers transported on sea, and 40% transported on land are empty. Transportation and handling of empty containers is inefficient, it cuts into shipping lines profitability and it adds to unfavorable greenhouse gas and fine particle emissions.

Sustainable solution

Freight transport relies heavily on fossil fuel, making it one of the hardest sectors to decarbonize. CO2 emissions by global freight transport are expected to increase fourfold up to 2050. Shipping is by far the largest polluter in the transportation world. Maritime transport emits 1000 million tonnes of  CO2 annually. This is 2.5% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. The European Union is calling for a global approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By operating 4FOLD a 27% reduction of the total CO2 emissions at sea can be realized. As a result, shipping lines will be able to meet the required reduction in CO2 emissions.  

4FOLD foldable container savings

  • Economic
  • Fewer restow and reshuffle movements
  • More available slots in ships
  • Reduced port stay of ships
  • Faster handling of empties
  • Reduction of storage space and costs for empties
  • Reduction of empty transport movements and costs
  • Less port congestion
  • Increases flexibility in loading and unloading ships
  • Ability to lift four units at once with one crane (in case of twinlift, eight units) 

  • Environmental
  • Reduction in emissions (at sea and locally in ports)
  • Reduction of traffic jams
  • Reduction of storage space needed for empties close to inhabited areas
  • Reduction in noise 

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