4FOLD as a Service

HCI has developed an additional business model: 4FOLD as a Service

  • 4FOLD as a Service will be offered to door-to-door carriers and shippers, who benefit from the resulting cost savings
  • Calculated costs savings for carriers and shippers up to 25% and emission savings up to 27%
  • 4FOLD as a Service makes use of a dedicated folding station which allows folding of the 4FOLD Foldable Container at the customer’s premises

In order to stimulate the adoption of foldable containers, HCI plan to address shippers and door-to-door carriers to serve a wider market. Based on our experience shippers are interested in the advantages of 4FOLD as well. However, many shippers do not own containers and would don’t want to get involved in container investments. That is the reason why HCI together and forwarding partner now have decided to offer 4FOLD as a Service.

4FOLD as a Service aims to reduce the costs of empty repositioning that brokers have to calculate. The savings can then be passed on to the shippers, creating an attractive proposal. Shippers pay less for transport of their products and reduce their CO2 emissions, while they still can keep working through a forwarder. HCI has planned to automate the folding and unfolding of 4FOLD in folding stations on fixed routes. The folding process can now take place at the site of the shipper and consignee in order to maximize the savings.

More information about the new 4FOLD Foldable Containers as a Service concept can be found in a brief presentation, outlining the approach resulting in lower costs and lower CO2 emissions. Please find the presentation below:

4FOLD as a Service